Rivelon Elementary Receives Palmetto Silver Award


Rivelon Elementary is among the state’s Palmetto Award-winning schools for the first time since 2011, thanks to an emphasis on literacy. Click on the following link to read the story:


 Congratulations to Rivelon's Monica King for being choosen as the 

Edisto Reading Council's Distinguished Teacher of Literacy for the

 2017-2018 school year 


 Rivelon Elementary Celebrates American Education Week

 Rivelon Elementary

One Team, One Dream: Educating Students for a Better Tomorrow!


Rivelon's Students are Roaring to Success!

We are looking forward to a successful school year for the 2017-2018 school year.  This years focus is on ensuring academic success for all students!  At Rivelon Elementary we are focused on reading, so we expect all students to read at least 20 minutes every day.  Please visit our Library page for more information on the wonderful incentives available to students who meet their reading goals.  Let's read, read, read!!!   


Rivelon Elementary School is a Title I school.

Students Use Yoga to Get Focused
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